Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 7.26.14 PM“Beneath the apparent guilelessness of this show sizzles an urgent, burning political piece of new writing. ★★★★”

“A fantastic and important piece of theatre. ★★★★★” Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 7.32.34 PM

“Jennifer Jajeh has an interesting story to tell. Sometimes-humorous, sometimes-disturbing… her discoveries of what life in Ramallah is like for Palestinians may be revelatory for most Americans.”

“I Heart Hamas is an exceptional success…
funny, engaging, complex, challenging and poignant. Well worth seeing.”  

 “There is a certain sincerity that I do not often see in solo performances… You may not walk away with all the answers, but Ms. Jajeh’s journey will make you have some new questions of your own and make you examine your views.”

“BOTTOM LINE: charming, intriguing, brave… not (a story) we often get to hear so I recommend getting to see it.”

“(Jajeh’s) stories take the audience by surprise, make them chuckle, and also catch them off guard shedding a tear or two.”

“Jennifer Jajeh is engaging, eloquent and even charismatic… In her very personal one-woman show she moves seamlessly between her own narration and lively conversations with her friends and boyfriends under W. Kamau Bell’s masterful direction.”

“A gem.  (I Heart Hamas) is a story of self-discovery as much as it is a microcosm of the  conflict… admission price more than worthwhile.

“Jajeh is out to upset some staid opinions, stereotypes and confusions that carry increasingly significant moral and political consequences for us all.”

(I Heart Hamas) provides a fascinating look into a world we don’t often see or hear about.”