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Ethnic Cleansing 101

This is infuriating to me on so many levels. It is just another tactic to strip us of our history and our collective memory. Essentially the message is Palestinians don’t exist. Our towns don’t exist. The names for our towns don’t exist. Uggh. Really, has it gotten to this level? This got me so riled up I burnt my toast not once, not twice but three times this morning. Thanks Israel for ruining my breakfast and my country.

See what I’m talking about below:
Huffington Post
Israel Road Signs To Read In Hebrew Only

s-MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-largeIn what is sure to be a controversial move, the Israeli Transport Authority announced a new policy on Monday whereby all road signs will read only in Hebrew, as opposed to the current standard that includes Hebrew, Arabic and English, the AFP reports. According to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, the new policy is a tit-for-tat against Palestinians who do not use the Hebrew name when referring to certain Israeli towns. As Katz told the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, “on Palestinian maps, Israeli towns are often still identified with the Arabic names used before the 1948 war.”

The Pope Can’t Handle The Truth

Another pathetic attempt by Israelis to dictate the Palestinian narrative.

IDF bans Palestinians from hosting pope next to West Bank fence
By Haaretz Service and News Agencies

A Palestinian official says the Palestinian Authority has scrapped plans to host Pope Benedict XVI next week on a stage near the West Bank separation fence.

Palestinians say they had hoped that receiving the pope next to a towering cement wall and military watchtower inside the Aida refugee camp would highlight their suffering under Israeli occupation.

But Palestinian lawmaker Essa Qaraqie said Thursday that the location had been changed to a United Nations school after Israeli military officials forbade them to erect the stage near the barrier. The pope’s convoy will, however, still pass close to the barrier.


A World Ruled by Old Men With Old Ideas

It saddens me to no end to read articles like this one in Haaretz. Articles that could have been written 10, maybe 20 years ago word for word. Articles that reinforce the status quo: a world ruled by old (mostly white) 248bibi_mitchellmen with old ideas. Dinosaurs really. (See photo for proof) 

Are we still trying to get Israel and Palestine to recognize each other’s existence? Are we really still trying to create a Two State Solution when by all accounts it is untenable, unrealistic and anachronistic? Are we still letting old men who remember this war and that grudge, stuck in old world thinking and values dictate the terms of the future?

Now I’m not saying that memories and history are unimportant; they should be recounted, honoured AND learned from. But if we did truly learn from these lessons and wounds, then we would demand a change. A huge sweeping, paradigm shift, people. We would give voice to the future, to the youth, to justice and creative, radical solutions. 

Here is a radical solution: I nominate me to negotiate peace for Palestine. Not some sad, old men who can’t get beyond their own outdated ideas. Me. Jennifer  (I Heart Pirates) Jajeh for chief negotiator. Okay assistant negotiator, fine. hamassmile8by10And I’ll leave the shirt at home.

Yeah, I like the ring of that…All in favor, say “Aye” (Don’t ask me why it’s not “I”. I thought it was wierd too, but I googled it just to be sure.)

So how you like me now?

Tel Aviv Stripper in Ramallah?

Way to broker a peace deal! Who says the Israelis don’t want peace?
They’re sending strippers to the other side of the wall.      

YNet News
March 13, 2009
Tel Aviv stripper gets drunk, wakes up in Ramallah

Young Israeli woman found intoxicated and disoriented in Ramallah street, returned to Israel by local security forces
Efrat Weiss

A young Israeli woman who works as a stripper was found intoxicated in Ramallah Friday morning, and returned to Israel with the aid of the Palestinian security sources. She was handed over to the police.

Palestinians called the offices of the Civil Administration Friday morning and reported that an Israeli woman in her twenties was seen at the heart of town. “They said that she didn’t quite understand what was going on,” said Major Shadi Seif of the Ramallah District Coordination Office.

The IDF immediately alerted a police unit to the nearest checkpoint, and within 10 minutes the woman was brought to the place by the Palestinian officers.

“She smelled of alcohol, was confused and said that she left a strip club in Tel Aviv last night and got into a car with several men. She doesn’t remember anything that happened after that, only that she woke up this morning in Ramallah, and even this she only found out after several minutes,” Seif said.

According to the major, while the incident seemed to be of a criminal nature, “this could have ended up in a disaster – kidnapping and murder.” He noted that in most cases Israeli citizens enter Palestinian cities by mistake, due too navigational errors or faulty signposts.

Following the incident the IDF reiterated that Israelis were strictly forbidden from entering A territories (Palestinian areas supposedly under Palestinian control) and that entering B territories (Palestinian areas under Israeli control) is also deemed dangerous and should be avoided.

Really? More settlements people?

BBC News
Monday, 2 March 2009
The Israeli government has plans to build at least 73,000 new homes for Jews in the occupied West Bank, the anti-settlement group Peace Now says.

If the plans are implemented in full it would double the number of settlers in the West Bank outside east Jerusalem, according to the Peace Now website.

Read the full article here

Is the Two State Solution Still Possible?

Yours truly championed the cause of the One State Solution in a previous blog post to much public ridicule and scorn. At this point, even mainstream media outlets are questioning whether a Two State Solution is even viable anymore. Watch Bob Simon’s excellent segment on 60 Minutes below.

As he points out, Israeli settlers seems to be making One State the only possible peaceful solution. The alternatives being apartheid or genocide.

Campus Divestment Success

Just like in Apartheid South Africa, pro-Palestinian activists, academics, and artists are calling for  economic and cultural boycotts of Israel.

A few weeks ago, Hampshire College became the first US educational institution to take a stand.