Hi Supporters, lurkers, fence sitters, and potential donors,

We have 8 DAYS LEFT, $3700 TO RAISE!

The GREAT news is we’ve raised $6300, but we’re still not done. Kickstarter isALL OR NOTHING. Let me say this again: Kickstarter is all or nothing. We either reach our $10,000 goal or we get NOTHING! NADA!! ZIP!

So folks, we’re in crunch time and NEED YOUR SUPPORT. You’ve invested already, so help us take it ALL THE WAY! Please help us get Palestinian stories on stages. Help me get to Edinburgh to do 19 PERFORMANCES in August at the largest theatre fest in the world. Do it for Judah the CAT! Do it because art changes the conversation. Do it because you think I’m cute! DO IT! But do it NOW!

Tell a friend, post this on your Facebook & Twitter, blog about it! If it’s at all possible to up your donation and give a little more we’d love you. Anything helps!

If you can’t tell I’m freaking out! Ask my friends, or they can just tell you in the video below….



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