Ethnic Cleansing 101

This is infuriating to me on so many levels. It is just another tactic to strip us of our history and our collective memory. Essentially the message is Palestinians don’t exist. Our towns don’t exist. The names for our towns don’t exist. Uggh. Really, has it gotten to this level? This got me so riled up I burnt my toast not once, not twice but three times this morning. Thanks Israel for ruining my breakfast and my country.

See what I’m talking about below:
Huffington Post
Israel Road Signs To Read In Hebrew Only

s-MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-largeIn what is sure to be a controversial move, the Israeli Transport Authority announced a new policy on Monday whereby all road signs will read only in Hebrew, as opposed to the current standard that includes Hebrew, Arabic and English, the AFP reports. According to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, the new policy is a tit-for-tat against Palestinians who do not use the Hebrew name when referring to certain Israeli towns. As Katz told the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, “on Palestinian maps, Israeli towns are often still identified with the Arabic names used before the 1948 war.”


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