Palestine, a Tropical Paradise?


   An amazing map created by the French artist, Julien Bousac, showing the ongoing fragmentation of Palestinian communities in the West Bank, while juxtaposing the playful visual references of old school travel maps with the reality of daily life for Palestinians living under siege.

For  more about the artist’s intentions check out the article at Strange Maps.

Thanks to the guys at  Kabobfest  for bringing this to my attention.

A Key to the Map:

-Areas ‘under water’ strictly reflect C zones, plus the East Jerusalem area, i.e. areas that have officially remained under full Israeli control and occupation following the Oslo Agreements. These include all Israeli settlements and outposts as well as Palestinian populated areas.

-Urban areas are orange
-Nature reserves are shaded
-Zones of partial autonomy are dark green
-Total autonomy area are light green
-The blue warships are permanent Israeli checkpoints


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