A World Ruled by Old Men With Old Ideas

It saddens me to no end to read articles like this one in Haaretz. Articles that could have been written 10, maybe 20 years ago word for word. Articles that reinforce the status quo: a world ruled by old (mostly white) 248bibi_mitchellmen with old ideas. Dinosaurs really. (See photo for proof) 

Are we still trying to get Israel and Palestine to recognize each other’s existence? Are we really still trying to create a Two State Solution when by all accounts it is untenable, unrealistic and anachronistic? Are we still letting old men who remember this war and that grudge, stuck in old world thinking and values dictate the terms of the future?

Now I’m not saying that memories and history are unimportant; they should be recounted, honoured AND learned from. But if we did truly learn from these lessons and wounds, then we would demand a change. A huge sweeping, paradigm shift, people. We would give voice to the future, to the youth, to justice and creative, radical solutions. 

Here is a radical solution: I nominate me to negotiate peace for Palestine. Not some sad, old men who can’t get beyond their own outdated ideas. Me. Jennifer  (I Heart Pirates) Jajeh for chief negotiator. Okay assistant negotiator, fine. hamassmile8by10And I’ll leave the shirt at home.

Yeah, I like the ring of that…All in favor, say “Aye” (Don’t ask me why it’s not “I”. I thought it was wierd too, but I googled it just to be sure.)

So how you like me now?


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