Tel Aviv Stripper in Ramallah?

Way to broker a peace deal! Who says the Israelis don’t want peace?
They’re sending strippers to the other side of the wall.      

YNet News
March 13, 2009
Tel Aviv stripper gets drunk, wakes up in Ramallah

Young Israeli woman found intoxicated and disoriented in Ramallah street, returned to Israel by local security forces
Efrat Weiss

A young Israeli woman who works as a stripper was found intoxicated in Ramallah Friday morning, and returned to Israel with the aid of the Palestinian security sources. She was handed over to the police.

Palestinians called the offices of the Civil Administration Friday morning and reported that an Israeli woman in her twenties was seen at the heart of town. “They said that she didn’t quite understand what was going on,” said Major Shadi Seif of the Ramallah District Coordination Office.

The IDF immediately alerted a police unit to the nearest checkpoint, and within 10 minutes the woman was brought to the place by the Palestinian officers.

“She smelled of alcohol, was confused and said that she left a strip club in Tel Aviv last night and got into a car with several men. She doesn’t remember anything that happened after that, only that she woke up this morning in Ramallah, and even this she only found out after several minutes,” Seif said.

According to the major, while the incident seemed to be of a criminal nature, “this could have ended up in a disaster – kidnapping and murder.” He noted that in most cases Israeli citizens enter Palestinian cities by mistake, due too navigational errors or faulty signposts.

Following the incident the IDF reiterated that Israelis were strictly forbidden from entering A territories (Palestinian areas supposedly under Palestinian control) and that entering B territories (Palestinian areas under Israeli control) is also deemed dangerous and should be avoided.


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