Is There a Solution?

This is a sad and shocking couple of days for me. Over 300+ Palestinians have been massacred in 3 days by constant Israeli air strikes in Gaza, not to mention the 1400 that have been injured. This is the biggest military offensive in the area since the 1967 war. An all out military strike against Hamas, which is a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government. Lest we forget, the Palestinians were urged by the US and the world to elect a government  in a democratic fashion and the people of Palestine elected Hamas, a Palestinian political party that has a military wing. Don’t most governments have a military? Now, don’t get me wrong. Hamas has been violently resisting the military occupation of their country, Palestine. But this is a clearly disproportionate use of power and an all out assault against a governing body that was elected. It strikes me as crazy that one country can decide they don’t like another country’s government and so decides to massacre the entire governing force and military while taking out an undetermined amount of civilians, but I guess that is how civilized nations solve problems. 

So do the Israelis really think this will solve their problem with Hamas and the Palestinians? In my opinion, this is the type of action that creates a breeding ground for continued resistance, militancy and ongoing violence. Many of the survivors and witnesses of this massacre will go on to retaliate for the war crimes being perpetrated by the Israelis against their community and their people. And so the story goes….

I imagine it seems like their is no end to this cycle of violence, but the frustrating part of the story for me is that there is. There is a very real and viable solution supported by Israeli and Palestinian academics and creative thinkers: the One State Solution. Israel becoming a state for ALL people who live on its land: Palestinians and Israelis. No more second class citizens, colonizing or occupation. Everyone gets everything they want: access to the entire country, equal citizenship, an end of violence, and a chance to live freely in the country they believe is their homeland. 

Oh yes, I hear the detractors…but if Israel accepts all of the Palestinians as citizens then it won’t be a Jewish state. Yes, the numbers may be more 50-50.  But isn’t compromise a less painful alternative to constant war and the continued psychological damage of breeding a militaristic occupation mentality into the entire Israeli collective consciousness? Does it really serve Israeli society to occupy and destroy another people? And if you are so concerned about statistics, I suggest Israelis start breeding like Middle Easterners and less like Europeans…this is in fact the Middle East you are now living in. (That’s only kind of a joke.) And as far as the Palestinians are concerned, once we are given equal citizenship and a stake in a real future, it will be up to us to lay down our claims and release our attachments to recovering the Palestine we lost. It will be up to the Palestinians to reach out and grab the chance to create a real future for our people. I’m not saying this well be easy. It will require both sides to make major ideological concessions, and release attachments to outdated and deeply held concepts. But it must be done. It’s the only way.  

My 2 cents on a sad and shocking day in the world. I urge you all to do some research on the One State Solution. Who knew that one little Palestinian- American actress held the solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict….

5 responses to “Is There a Solution?

  1. I look at the news reports on this and I just … well, deflate. The key word is “cycle”. Yes, Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel, and yes people have died. As you point out, though, this is very much like pulling out the AK-47’s against a .22 pistol. I can’t say I’m surprised though, seeing as how many Palestinians have been gunned down for throwing rocks. Yes, Hamas has been firing rockets, but there’s a reason for that. There has been ongoing violence on both sides since the beginning, so the rockets are only a partial excuse for this devastation.
    The One State solution is a sane and reasonable one, and I can’t say that I have a lot of faith in it because it is sane and reasonable. Nothing about this violence allows me to think that rationality, respect, and tolerance have a place at the bargaining table right now, and this just brings me to despair. Jennifer, if you know of any protests or rallies, please let me know so I can attend.

  2. Jennifer,
    It’s interesting. After reading your solution I ask myself would this really fly? I don’t mean to question the validity of the solution, as it would solve many problems i.e. death, retribution, and continued emotional rage. However, I believe that the fight for many in the region is not a practical one, but an ideological one. I believe it’s obvious by the results on the ground these past 60 years that people are willing to die and accept death around them to stand up for what they believe. Why else would they chose to continue fighting, killing and accepting casualties over forming some sort of realistic plan?

    That aside, I do believe that Israel is using its support from the US and its military prowess to commit atrocities in the name of self-preservation. It’s a strange thing in the world to have a region where politics skews the way we perceive the killings of such a high number of innocent lives.

    Anywhere else in the world such as Rawanda, The Congo, Indonesia, The Basque ETA in Nothern Spain or formerly the IRA the fight against occupation, atrocity and human dignity are called out and question is not whether or not what is transpiring is at fault, but when to help, how much aid is needed and how much capital can be raised, how many lives can be saved.

    However, I also understand that innocent Israelis don’t want to have to worry about how many rockets are fired into their cities. I wouldn’t accept that either, and this is where you’re right. If, realistically people want an end to the violence then a one state solution can be a very practical way to make peace.

    But, as I said before, what scares me is that people are fighting for ideals, religious or other, that they appear to be willing to die for. And as long as the political climate, which exists between the Middle East, America, Israel and Palestine, remains then many more innocents will perish in the midst of it all.

    It’s a simple solution, it’s clear and it makes sense, and it relies on something so basic, a change of mind-something so basic yet so difficult.

  3. It’s interesting how much easier it is for us to criticize the opposite side! wouldn’t it be more rational trying to solve our problems first, see what evolutions could be made on our side to promote peace?

    It looks like Hamas is more worried on fighting this ever lasting war against Israel than building its nation, teaching its children that life is by far much more valuable than dying as a martyr, while the whole world (or almost) is enjoying life, going and coming, palestinians are still worried about revenge against Israel as if they would ever be able to end up well.

    When the State of Israel was created back in 1947, it recognized the existence and the need for the creation of a Palestinian State, in the other hand palestinians (or some of them) want Israel to be wipped off of the map as if in their limited minds it would ever be possible.

    Also, you say “Hamas has been violently resisting the military occupation of their country, Palestine. But this is a clearly disproportionate use of power and an all out assault against a governing body that was elected” so what would be a proportionate use of power? Israel firing rockets into Gaza? Israel sending suicide-bombers into Gaza? if you have a rifle at home and a burglar brakes into your house, would you stop him trying to fight him off with a knife or would you use what you have?

    If we seed rice we’ll obviously gather rice, if we seed blood we’ll obviously gather blood.

  4. Jesiel, you might want to check out this article. Israel was created on stolen Palestinian land that caused several 100, 000’s of Palestinians to become refugees living indefintely (60+ years) in a state of military occupation and not having the ability to govern themselves. It’s hard to solve your own problems when you don’t even control your own borders, airspace or the water supplies on your land.

  5. I stumbled across this page just now, and I thought I would add my 2 cents.

    With all due respect, your account of the Mid-East conflict is very one-sided, although I suppose that is natural. I am often guilty of this myself, being the descendant of Syrian-Jews who found refuge in Israel after we were evicted from our homes. My grandfather often spoke of how Jews like himself were treated like dogs, even before the Arab-Israeli war had even begun. The re-establishment of the Jewish homeland in Israel was supposed to put an end to our subjugation and our status as vulnerable minorities, which we endured in just about every foreign land we had settled in.

    I am generally in favor of a fair and just two state settlement of the conflict. Although I am and remain sympathetic to those who earnestly desire a single state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can live together in peace, no matter how naive that position may be. I do, however, object to our presence in the Middle East being described as “colonial”. We are every bit as indigenous as the Palestinians are, as the historical record, and numerous genetic studies, have re-affirmed. We are not foreigners in Israel.

    I do think you might like these pages, and I recommend checking them out. I feel that dialogue and understanding is the only path to peace.

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