Israeli response to Bulldozer Rampage

I’m not shocked by this either. But I want you to read the language used by the Israeli PM Olmert in this article very carefully. It speaks volumes about the attitude of Israelis towards Palestinians.

“I think we have to be tougher in part of the measures that we take against terrorists, especially terrorists who are part of our internal fabric of life,” Olmert told an economic conference at the Red Sea resort of Eilat. “If we have to demolish houses, we will demolish houses. If we have to revoke social rights, we will revoke social rights. It’s inconceivable that we are slaughtered and they will have all the privileges that our society grants our citizens.”

It’s interesting how he differentiates between citizens and this ambiguous “they”–who are they? Terrorists? All of the Palestinians in Jerusalem? And the actions of 1 person results in the proposition to revoke social rights for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas? Another top official suggests building walls around all of the Palestinian communities to keep them out of Jerusalem. 

Yes, a virtual prison. That’s the answer. Just build walls around town after town. Fence them in.


6 responses to “Israeli response to Bulldozer Rampage

  1. Hmmm. I can’t imagine how I would react if a guy went nuts and ran through my town with a bulldozer. I think a lot of Americans today would say the same thing…

  2. ihearthamas

    Context my friend. What is the bulldozer driver’s story?
    Checkout this post and tell me what you might do?

  3. I know that story and think it is despicable, but I wouldn’t kill anybody if that’s what you mean. That’s a no-brainer. I would never do that. I’m shocked anyone would even consider it. I think you’re doing good here by point out violations against human rights, but if you’re going to turn around and support smashing people with bulldozers, your words become empty and meaningless to me. You don’t fight human rights violations with more human rights violations.

  4. I’m not supporting anything. I’m saying there is a deeper history, and the resolution BEGINS with both sides looking at that history and acknowledging it. Taking actions to further torture, humiliate and punish an entire population is not a resolution, or a means to the peace both sides so desperately need.

  5. I’m aware of the story you’re trying to show me and I believe I understand both sides quite well. You won’t find me taking sides often, but I am ALWAYS against violence. Neither Palestinians nor Israelis are my enemy, violence is.

  6. I actually read the Omer story here:
    I thought it was very eloquently written. Much more persuasive than a bulldozer.

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