Rachael Ray’s “Jihadi Chic”?

Fashion is now the qualifying factor in whether or not someone is promoting terror?! Hipsters everywhere take note–the hottest new trend on the street may land you on the Watch List. For more on the Rachael Ray debacle check out this link in the NYTimes.



4 responses to “Rachael Ray’s “Jihadi Chic”?

  1. Yeah, this has to have been the most asinine scandal in recent memory. There isn’t a single aspect of it that doesn’t make me weep for humanity.

  2. Princess Leah

    you know its gone too far when Villains on Haight (and the stores next door) have these scarves in every color of the rainbow.

  3. it’s incidents like this that make u feel humanity’s hit rock bottom with such ludicrous behavior. sad.

    but, ps, no one tell the environmentalists that green is the symbolic color of islamistas ;D

  4. Ho Humm.. If I see once more Keffiyeh wrapped around the neck of one more hipster in the Mission, they are going to wish they didn’t wear out that day.

    Oh, did I say that out loud?

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