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Tel Aviv Stripper in Ramallah?

Way to broker a peace deal! Who says the Israelis don’t want peace?
They’re sending strippers to the other side of the wall.      

YNet News
March 13, 2009
Tel Aviv stripper gets drunk, wakes up in Ramallah

Young Israeli woman found intoxicated and disoriented in Ramallah street, returned to Israel by local security forces
Efrat Weiss

A young Israeli woman who works as a stripper was found intoxicated in Ramallah Friday morning, and returned to Israel with the aid of the Palestinian security sources. She was handed over to the police.

Palestinians called the offices of the Civil Administration Friday morning and reported that an Israeli woman in her twenties was seen at the heart of town. “They said that she didn’t quite understand what was going on,” said Major Shadi Seif of the Ramallah District Coordination Office.

The IDF immediately alerted a police unit to the nearest checkpoint, and within 10 minutes the woman was brought to the place by the Palestinian officers.

“She smelled of alcohol, was confused and said that she left a strip club in Tel Aviv last night and got into a car with several men. She doesn’t remember anything that happened after that, only that she woke up this morning in Ramallah, and even this she only found out after several minutes,” Seif said.

According to the major, while the incident seemed to be of a criminal nature, “this could have ended up in a disaster – kidnapping and murder.” He noted that in most cases Israeli citizens enter Palestinian cities by mistake, due too navigational errors or faulty signposts.

Following the incident the IDF reiterated that Israelis were strictly forbidden from entering A territories (Palestinian areas supposedly under Palestinian control) and that entering B territories (Palestinian areas under Israeli control) is also deemed dangerous and should be avoided.

Really? More settlements people?

BBC News
Monday, 2 March 2009
The Israeli government has plans to build at least 73,000 new homes for Jews in the occupied West Bank, the anti-settlement group Peace Now says.

If the plans are implemented in full it would double the number of settlers in the West Bank outside east Jerusalem, according to the Peace Now website.

Read the full article here

Is the Two State Solution Still Possible?

Yours truly championed the cause of the One State Solution in a previous blog post to much public ridicule and scorn. At this point, even mainstream media outlets are questioning whether a Two State Solution is even viable anymore. Watch Bob Simon’s excellent segment on 60 Minutes below.

As he points out, Israeli settlers seems to be making One State the only possible peaceful solution. The alternatives being apartheid or genocide.

Campus Divestment Success

Just like in Apartheid South Africa, pro-Palestinian activists, academics, and artists are calling for  economic and cultural boycotts of Israel.

A few weeks ago, Hampshire College became the first US educational institution to take a stand.

Is There a Solution?

This is a sad and shocking couple of days for me. Over 300+ Palestinians have been massacred in 3 days by constant Israeli air strikes in Gaza, not to mention the 1400 that have been injured. This is the biggest military offensive in the area since the 1967 war. An all out military strike against Hamas, which is a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government. Lest we forget, the Palestinians were urged by the US and the world to elect a government  in a democratic fashion and the people of Palestine elected Hamas, a Palestinian political party that has a military wing. Don’t most governments have a military? Now, don’t get me wrong. Hamas has been violently resisting the military occupation of their country, Palestine. But this is a clearly disproportionate use of power and an all out assault against a governing body that was elected. It strikes me as crazy that one country can decide they don’t like another country’s government and so decides to massacre the entire governing force and military while taking out an undetermined amount of civilians, but I guess that is how civilized nations solve problems. 

So do the Israelis really think this will solve their problem with Hamas and the Palestinians? In my opinion, this is the type of action that creates a breeding ground for continued resistance, militancy and ongoing violence. Many of the survivors and witnesses of this massacre will go on to retaliate for the war crimes being perpetrated by the Israelis against their community and their people. And so the story goes….

I imagine it seems like their is no end to this cycle of violence, but the frustrating part of the story for me is that there is. There is a very real and viable solution supported by Israeli and Palestinian academics and creative thinkers: the One State Solution. Israel becoming a state for ALL people who live on its land: Palestinians and Israelis. No more second class citizens, colonizing or occupation. Everyone gets everything they want: access to the entire country, equal citizenship, an end of violence, and a chance to live freely in the country they believe is their homeland. 

Oh yes, I hear the detractors…but if Israel accepts all of the Palestinians as citizens then it won’t be a Jewish state. Yes, the numbers may be more 50-50.  But isn’t compromise a less painful alternative to constant war and the continued psychological damage of breeding a militaristic occupation mentality into the entire Israeli collective consciousness? Does it really serve Israeli society to occupy and destroy another people? And if you are so concerned about statistics, I suggest Israelis start breeding like Middle Easterners and less like Europeans…this is in fact the Middle East you are now living in. (That’s only kind of a joke.) And as far as the Palestinians are concerned, once we are given equal citizenship and a stake in a real future, it will be up to us to lay down our claims and release our attachments to recovering the Palestine we lost. It will be up to the Palestinians to reach out and grab the chance to create a real future for our people. I’m not saying this well be easy. It will require both sides to make major ideological concessions, and release attachments to outdated and deeply held concepts. But it must be done. It’s the only way.  

My 2 cents on a sad and shocking day in the world. I urge you all to do some research on the One State Solution. Who knew that one little Palestinian- American actress held the solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict….

I’m over here cleaning the floor

Barack Obama has chosen Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff. This man served in the Israeli army–isn’t that a conflict of interest? Is this someone we want as the President’s top advisor? Check out this racist remark made by Rahm’s father in response to his son’s appointment. Barack “Change” Obama has made no comment on this. Are you serious?

Here is an excerpt from a Jerusalem Post article dated Nov 7, 2008: 

Emanuel’s father, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, said he was convinced that his son’s appointment would be good for Israel. “Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel,” he was quoted as saying. “Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House.”

Change, my ass. Well not for Palestinians anyway.

Secret Evidence Prevents another Palestinian from Receiving an Education

This is so sad and typical.  Peace can never be achieved through attempts to undermine and suppress another person’s right to grow bigger. I am just so disgusted by this news. Read about the latest Palestinian Fulbright scholar who was denied an education here.

This bulldozer story just keeps on going

Apparently the bulldozer attack was a result of drug addiction, not a hatred of Jews. The driver actually fathered a child with a Jewish Israeli woman. This just keeps on going, check it out.

I bet they still demolish the family’s home to punish them.

So can the Israelis differentiate between a criminal and what they call a terrorist. And are the punishments different?

Israeli response to Bulldozer Rampage

I’m not shocked by this either. But I want you to read the language used by the Israeli PM Olmert in this article very carefully. It speaks volumes about the attitude of Israelis towards Palestinians.

“I think we have to be tougher in part of the measures that we take against terrorists, especially terrorists who are part of our internal fabric of life,” Olmert told an economic conference at the Red Sea resort of Eilat. “If we have to demolish houses, we will demolish houses. If we have to revoke social rights, we will revoke social rights. It’s inconceivable that we are slaughtered and they will have all the privileges that our society grants our citizens.”

It’s interesting how he differentiates between citizens and this ambiguous “they”–who are they? Terrorists? All of the Palestinians in Jerusalem? And the actions of 1 person results in the proposition to revoke social rights for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas? Another top official suggests building walls around all of the Palestinian communities to keep them out of Jerusalem. 

Yes, a virtual prison. That’s the answer. Just build walls around town after town. Fence them in.

Deadly Palestinian Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem

Unfortunately, I’m not shocked.

The writer states in the article:
“Unlike Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip and in the occupied West Bank, those living in occupied East Jerusalem have free access to the Jewish west of the city and to Israel.

Arab and Jewish populations do not mix extensively, but thousands of Palestinians work on Israel’s roads and building sites.”

Translation: The slaves in the big house have it so much better than the field slaves. How can they still hate us?

For the full article click here